Satellite Scale-ups: Meet the High-Growth Pioneers That Orbit Around the World’s Largest Tech Companies

12 August 2021

Dream of working at a certain company but unsure how to get there?

Discover how satellite scale-ups can launch you into orbit and develop transferable skills that send your career prospects into the stratosphere.

Satellite scale-ups are high-growth businesses that operate in a similar field to an established industry leader. Like gravity, developing complementary skills will ‘pull’ you closer to the thing you’re attracted to. So, gaining exposure to pioneering scale-ups will challenge you to push creative and technical barriers in a given orbit.

Meet Sellics - The Pioneering Advertising Machine That’s Powering Amazon Sellers

Sellics is a high-performance software provider and a perfect example of a satellite scale-up that operates in the same orbit as Amazon.

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Meet - The Satellite Scale-up That Buys and Grows Amazon Businesses

Founded in 2018, Thrasio has a bold vision to transform the consumer goods industry, one product at a time. After just three years of trading, they’ve raised over $1.7 Billion and helped hundreds of people sell high-value Amazon businesses.

Want to shape the future of the consumer goods industry and join a team of highly ambitious business builders? Head to Thrasio’s website to browse open positions…there are hundreds. 🤯

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Meet Sprinklr - the satellite scale up that’s creating a unified Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform for enterprises.

After going public last month, Sprinklr’s whopping $3.7 Billion valuation is all thanks to its ability to build on top of giant ad platforms to push creative and technical boundaries in the big tech space.

Just imagine where a job with a pioneer like Sprinklr could take you… 🚀

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