The Getting There Show - Tom Lawrance, the man who's done over 1000 interviews at Amazon

15 April 2021

Want to learn how to get into Amazon from someone who’s done 1000 interviews for Amazon? Want to know how to answer behavioural interview questions for big tech? Tom Lawrance, who built the team responsible for hiring business school graduates into Amazon’s Consumer and Leadership programs across Europe and who has done over 1000 interviews for Amazon shares his tips.

The Getting There Show is about helping you get to you where you want to get to. We speak with brilliant people and unpack the key influences and decisions that have helped get them to where they are today. You’ll get the books, the mental models, inspirations and all the steps in their journey, to help guide you on your own path.

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Amazon’s Leadership Principles:

Amazon’s Business Model:…

Tom’s Business Insider interview:…

The Two Hour Job Search (Book):

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