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The Interview Coach tool takes interview preparation to the next level.

Log, organise, and rehearse your professional experiences, ideas, insights and more. Interview Coach helps you make the most of your achievements and introduce every interviewer to the most impressive version of you.

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  • Prove your strengths

    Sort your experiences by attribute to always have that killer example to hand.

  • Come armed with ideas

    Record ideas and questions and refresh yourself ahead of the interview.

  • Know company insights inside-out

    Use flashcards so you never forget a talking point or miss an opportunity to impress.

  • Forget nothing, use everything

    Log your professional experiences as they happen and create golden interview nuggets for future use.

  • Stay ready

    Keep Interview Coach up-to-date and always be ready to pounce on even short-notice opportunities.

  • Be your best self

    Revise your professional achievements to ensure you show your true potential.

The tool that understands how to win the interview

The Exactimo Interview Coach uses a tried and trusted interview methodology. The approach has been proven to win jobs of all levels at some of the biggest, most coveted companies in the world.

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Organise your experience around your strengths

An interviewer needs proof that you have the attributes they are looking for. Interview Coach’s Attributes and Experiences allow you to organise your answers beforehand so you are never caught off-guard.

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Demonstrate insight and interest

The way to separate yourself from the pack in any interview is to demonstrate genuine interest in and insight into the hiring company. Interview Coach’s Company feature allows you to attach Insights, Ideas, and Questions for each company you interview with and rehearse answers ahead of time. If you want to learn how to get digital insights, ideas and questions for any company, check out our digital audit course .

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Log experiences as they happen

While most candidates will have forgotten experiences from just a couple of years ago, the best candidates make use of everything in their professional history. Interview Coach enables you to practice this key habit by logging experiences as they happen.

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Nail specific interview questions

We are also building a bank of detailed resources that help you hone your approach to answering some of the most frequently asked interview questions, such as “If you were an animal, what would you be? ”, or “What makes you unique?” .

You might be the best for the job, but are you the best at the interview?

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