Wall of Love

Students love our Digital Bootcamp. But don’t just take our word for it… hear from students who have taken the bootcamp and are now thriving in the digital world.

  • London Business School
    • “The digital bootcamp was the perfect preparation for interviews with Google and Facebook. Two hours packed with practical advice.”
    • “This digital bootcamp was very useful as I am looking to transition into tech companies. I particularly liked the hints on how to build and manage digital marketing campaigns.”
      Eliran, LBS 2019

      Now works at Amazon

    • “That was one of the most engaging events at London Business School. With a brilliant combination of expert knowledge and passion, the bootcamp delivered in-depth content and key learning. I highly recommend catching his next bootcamp.”
      Clement, LBS 2019

      Now works at Google

    • “It was definitely the best Google workshop I ever had and I’ve worked for 3 years at a top FMCG company. Although the session lasted only 2 hours, it was very comprehensive.”
      Hafidh, LBS 2019

      Now works at Proctor & Gamble

    • “Thank you very much for this digital bootcamp. It was one of the most interesting and formative events I attended at London Business School.”
      Maria, LBS 2019

      Now works at McKinsey

    • “I enjoyed it a lot - I am a programmer and never ever knew any of what was taught. It was very hands-on and practical.”
      Edan, LBS 2019

      Now works at Amazon

    • “This is one of the most comprehensive events I have attended so far. It covered all areas and concepts in a short span of time and made the complicated digital web much more understandable.”
      Arpit, LBS 2019

      Now works at Entrepreneur

    • “Thank you ever so much for delivering such a great session to London Business School last night - very practical and efficient.”
      Jayne, LBS 2019

      Now works at Uber

    • “Thanks for delivering the bootcamp, that was one of the best things I’ve been to.”
      Saadat, LBS 2019

      Now works at Novus Partners

    • “The most valuable club event I have been to at LBS! Definitely a big help for big tech applications and great knowledge to have.”
      Pauline, LBS 2019

      Now works at Danone

    • “Thank you for delivering the digital bootcamp at LBS. It was very insightful and practical.”
      Prerna, LBS 2019

      Now works at Boston Consulting Group

    • “As the president of the ESADE Marketing Club, I could not be more satisfied with the bootcamp as it was by far the best event organized by the club. On the personal note, it was an eye opener - 50 concepts, lots of theory and practical tips in just 2 hours. I would definitely recommend this to all business students who are interested in digital.”
    • “As a marketing professional, the bootcamp taught me a lot of useful knowledge to prepare me to apply to digital marketing roles at companies like Google.”
    • “This Digital Bootcamp gave an incredible insight into all the popular platforms that are relevant in today’s technological landscape. It was a really structured bootcamp that walked us through the platforms, their use cases in various industries, the hacks to leverage their usability and ways to deep dive into them.”
  • IESE Business School
    • “This bootcamp was the most insightful session on digital I had during my MBA. It was a great preparation for my recent position at Facebook and I would recommend it for people looking to get into big tech.”
      Kate, IESE 2019

      Now works at Facebook

    • “You absolutely smashed it out of the park as people really enjoyed that session. MBAs are a tough crowd but the breakneck pace the session is run at keeps everyone on their toes until the very last second.”
      Brian, IESE 2019

      Now works at Facebook

    • “Great workshop yesterday - definitely some of the most valuable two hours in the MBA program so far!”
      Julian, IESE 2019

      Now works at Entrepreneur

    • “The digital bootcamp gave me real concrete and practical tips into what tactics I can implement in the office to impress my boss and grow the business. I would recommend it to anyone.”
      Lorenzo, IESE 2019

      Now works at Adsmurai

    • “Thank you again for coming to IESE to talk about digital marketing. It was definitely one of the most valuable 2 hours I have had in my MBA.”
    • “Perfectly complements the MBA classes … practical knowledge and tips for anyone from CMO to entrepreneur.”
      Adrien, IESE 2019

      Now works at King.com

    • “One of the most useful things I have done at the MBA, I look forward to working on the materials and would like to learn more from you in future.”
    • “I enjoyed the bootcamp for a number of reasons but mainly because it taught me knowledge which enables me to easily understand and contribute to marketing discussions given I come from an engineering background”
      Jansen, IESE 2019

      Now works at Amazon Robotics

    • “What I liked most was the quality of the teaching - I was able to understand complex subjects like Google and Facebook’s business models in just 2 hours”
      Janine, IESE 2019

      Now works at Microsoft

  • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • “The digital bootcamp was awesome! That was my first time learning digital marketing and I’ll keep learning it!”
    • “The digital bootcamp session was refreshingly relevant and on point! Our classmates felt the same and are eager to hear more from Exactimo.”
    • “I really enjoyed the digital bootcamp today as it was packed full of relevant and informative material.”
    • “Great job on the bootcamp which was super useful! The best part for me were the concrete tools provided.”
    • “The bootcamp was one of the most relevant sessions of my MBA. It lays a solid foundation of digital marketing and analytical tools in just two hours.”
      Shipra, RSM 2019

      Now works at Unilever

    • “Thanks again for the digital bootcamp at Rotterdam School of Management - it was really interesting and insightful!”
      Tanya, RSM 2019

      Now works at Upfield

  • ESMT
  • London Business School
  • Warwick Business School
  • Henley Business School
  • Said Business School
  • Berlin Professional School
  • Cass Business School
  • Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Imperial College
  • IESE Business School
  • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

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