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The Digital Bootcamp

Our bootcamp program is for business school students. In two hours, students learn practical insider knowledge, tips and shortcuts to complement a theoretical business school education, leaving them ready to land a dream job and thrive in the digital world.

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  • ESMT
  • London Business School
  • Warwick Business School
  • Cass Business School
  • Scheller College of Business
  • Birkbeck
  • Schwartzman Scholars
  • University College Dublin
  • University of Liverpool
  • Said Business School
  • London School of Economics
  • Regents University
  • Bath University
  • IMD Business School
  • Tsinghua University
  • Brandeis International Business School
  • Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Alliance Manchester
  • HEC Paris
  • Henley Business School
  • Berlin Professional School
  • Imperial College
  • SDA Bocconi
  • St Gallen
  • Newcastle University Business School
  • Leeds University Business School
  • IESE Business School
  • Broad College of Business
  • IE
  • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

We’re Exactimo; efficient, practical digital education for business school students.

We’ve been giving business school students the confidence they need to succeed in the digital business world since 2010.

Building on our experience of working at Google, we’ve developed the two-hour Exactimo Bootcamp, based on our interactions with hundreds of businesses.

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    Designed specifically for business school students
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    Interview and work in tech with confidence
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    Taught by experts with first-hand experience
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    Bitesize training for maximum impact

Digital ignorance is not bliss

Business is changing fast. Sometimes even the best and brightest struggle to keep up. Exactimo provides courses and training specifically designed to complement a business school degree with practical digital knowledge.

Through Exactimo’s maximally efficient learning programmes, students get equipped with everything they need to work, thrive and apply with confidence in the modern business world.

💡 What will I learn?

What you will learn

Our digital Bootcamp teaches 50 concepts in 2 hours, including:

  • The power of digital in business
  • The dynamics behind Google, Facebook and Amazon’s business models
  • What relevancy is and why it is so important to all businesses
  • What SEO is and how you get to the top of Google
  • What Search Ads are and how you get to the top of Google without paying them as much as the competition
  • What display advertising is and the difference between content and audience targeting.
  • How big tech builds customer profiles
  • How businesses can use YouTube and other forms of video to get and keep customers
  • What Google Analytics is and how you make data-driven marketing decisions
  • What Conversion Rate Optimisation is
  • How you can use behavioural economics to get customers to do what you want them to do
  • How you can run scientific experiments to increase online revenue
  • How to build a personal digital brand and use this to attract employers
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    Why digital?
    First we set the scene by reviewing why digital advertising is so powerful compared with traditional offline forms.
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    What is Google?
    We explore the founding of Google. Understanding their mission enables you to get the most out of their products.
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    How do I get on page one?
    We review what the Google Search engine loves when it indexes websites, covering site architecture and content.
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    How to master Adwords?
    We explore Search Engine Marketing and dispel common myths like the fact that it isn’t just money that gets you to the top.
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    What’s Display, Mobile and YouTube?
    We cover other forms of digital advertising like Display, Mobile and YouTube and the key factors for success.
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    What do I get when I graduate?
    Each participant will receive brilliant end of course materials for all the topics covered.

Over 10000 happy graduates

We are proud of our track record giving over 2000 business students digital confidence.

See the Wall of Love

Student Feedback

  • “The digital bootcamp was the perfect preparation for interviews with Google and Facebook. Two hours packed with practical advice.”
  • “You absolutely smashed it out of the park as people really enjoyed that session. MBAs are a tough crowd but the breakneck pace the session is run at keeps everyone on their toes until the very last second.”
    Brian, IESE

    Now works at Facebook

  • “Thank you very much for this digital bootcamp. It was one of the most interesting and formative events I attended at London Business School.”
    Maria, LBS

    Now works at McKinsey

  • “What I liked most was the quality of the teaching - I was able to understand complex subjects like Google and Facebook’s business models in just 2 hours”
    Janine, IESE

    Now works at Microsoft

  • “This digital bootcamp was very useful as I am looking to transition into tech companies. I particularly liked the hints on how to build and manage digital marketing campaigns.”
    Eliran, LBS

    Now works at Amazon

  • “Perfectly complements the MBA classes … practical knowledge and tips for anyone from CMO to entrepreneur.”
    Adrien, IESE

    Now works at King.com

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