Digital Strength for Business Owners

Learn with an ex-Googler on how to grow your company online. Get the knowledge and practical skills to outsmart your competition and supercharge your business.

Need help developing a digital strategy for your business?

Practical Digital Skills Proven to Supercharge Your Business

There’s no doubt that digital is the new language of business.

Building digital fluency and equipping yourself with practical digital skills is vital to thrive in the new business reality.

Learn our digital audit methodology to build digital strength, master digital marketing and follow a tried and tested framework to make more money online.

Not sure whether the course is right for you? Book a strategy call with Frederic to discuss your business needs and identify digital growth opportunities.

  • Expert tuition

    Learn the ropes with clear and patient tuition from ex-Googler, Frederic Kalinke. Frederic is a digital evangelist and passionate educator who’s helped thousands of businesspeople build digital confidence.

  • Actionable knowledge

    Apply your learning directly into your business with highly-practical and actionable support. Our digital audit course provides business owners with a clear roadmap to improve digital strength.

  • Standout performance

    Generate incredible insights, ideas and questions to critique your business and identify game-changing strategies to thrive in the digital age.

  • Powerful tools

    Master a number of cutting-edge tools to accelerate your digital strategy and help you find an edge over rivals in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

  • Strength in numbers

    Engage with a growing community of business owners, innovative thinkers and digital pioneers to ask questions, share best practices, brainstorm new ideas and even hire talent.

  • Active learning

    Exactimo believes in an active approach to learning. Put your business at the centre of your digital audit and ‘learn by doing’ with our hands-on methodology.

Loved by Business Owners

  • “An incredibly practical and comprehensive course that will help any business owner use digital to supercharge growth.”
    Alex Rainey, CEO at Pluto
  • Before starting this course, I was dubious that anything could help me understand the world of digital and social media. However, within a few minutes of beginning the course, I felt totally at ease. Frederic logically explains things in a manner that anyone can understand — even those of us that have no idea where to start.

    Not only has it made me more confident going forward, but it’s also given me the knowledge I need to make my business succeed in today’s digital climate.

    Claire Stibbon, TV Presenter & Entrepreneur
  • “Digital transformation means different things to different people — it causes massive confusion, especially in the workplace. Frederic has developed an incredibly powerful package to deconstruct and demystify digital. It helps business owners create a roadmap for digital success.”
    David Hilliard, Chief Executive at Mentor Europe

100% of business owners feel more confident about growing their business after the digital strength course.

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Get Digital Fast

Speak like a digital native to generate new leads, boost exposure and future-proof your brand. We’ve designed our digital audit course to help business owners navigate complex topics with ease and reduce anxieties around the latest technologies.

Master Powerful Tools and Proven Frameworks

Not only will understanding how to attract and retain customers boost your marketing capabilities, but the frameworks we cover will also help you crystallise your proposition and focus your business development strategy.

Digital Strength for Business Owners teaches you how to keep tabs on your competitors and how to apply these insights via a series of logical frameworks. Explore the role of customer psychology and data-driven decision making to guide your digital journey and fine-tune your offering.

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Knowledge Shared Is Knowledge Squared

The Growth Community is a private LinkedIn group that helps business owners learn from others, brainstorm ideas, and find brilliant talent.

Exactimo is proud to connect seasoned business owners with ambitious students and forward-thinking innovators through a safe and supportive online community. Members can exchange resources, offer advice, review digital audits, and test ideas to build digital confidence.

Get exclusive access to The Growth Community when you sign-up to the course.


  • Is the digital audit course only relevant for business owners in the technology space?
    No. Exactimo believes businesses of all shapes and sizes can harness the power of digital to get ahead. Discover practical tips and tricks to help your business thrive in the new business reality and embrace high-impact digital strategies with confidence.
  • How do I fit the learning around my day-to-day schedule?
    We understand the stresses and strains of running a business while also investing in your personal development. Digital Strength for Business Owners is designed to fit around your schedule with an on-demand curriculum that you control. Log-in to our online portal to begin your digital audit and review completed modules to refresh your memory down the road.
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Start Your Digital Audit

100% of business owners say they would recommend the course to a friend.

Digital Strength for Business Owners provides an immersive deep dive into the digital world to help your business thrive. Discover how your business could harness the power of digital and rise above the competition with one-to-one advice from ex-Googler, Frederic Kalinke.

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