Are you an ambitious student looking for a great paid internship?

Introducing the Exactimo Virtuoso Programme

As a digital education business that spends much of its time delivering bootcamps to students, when it came to looking for a Digital Communications Manager, we soon realised that the answer was staring us in the face. Nobody knows how to create engaging content for students better than the students themselves.

The programme invites Business and Marketing students from across the globe to apply for an 8-week deep-dive into almost every corner of our business. From digital content creation to developing paid ad campaigns, researching new business development opportunities, and learning the basics of data analytics, our Virtuosos receive an intensive digital education that equips them with a powerful set of skills for their future career endeavours.

Throughout the placement, Virtuosos also receive 1-1 mentorship from our ex-Google founder.

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“The Virtuoso programme helped me develop skills in content marketing and data analytics that will be incredibly valuable to my future career.

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity that the internship gave me to research and create content on up-and-coming startups, alongside trending topics in the industry, such as generative AI and ChatGPT.”

— Lauren (now interning at Amazon)

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“Throughout this placement, I have gained and improved so many skills by researching, designing and posting content across Instagram and LinkedIn. I am so pleased with my progress and how I have enhanced my digital, analytical and communication skills through the continual implementation of feedback from bosses.

There is constant support and encouragement so I can produce the best content for the campaign goals. I would highly recommend this placement for anyone interested in marketing, business or tech! I will definitely take all the experience and everything I have learned into my future work - thank you!”

— Carys

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“As a Virtuoso, I delved into digital marketing, creating engaging LinkedIn content and gaining valuable insights into industry trends and businesses opportunities. Throughout the 17-week placement, I received invaluable feedback from Frederic, enabling me to produce high-quality content.

I’m delighted with the progress I’ve made, honing my digital, analytical, and research skills. This experience provided me with a robust skill set for my future ventures in digital marketing. I highly recommend the Virtuoso programme to anyone seeking hands-on experience and wanting to contribute meaningfully to the digital landscape. Thank you for this great opportunity.”

— Christopher

Your Success is Our Success

One of the main focal points of the programme is helping our Virtuosos land top jobs in the months and years following their time at Exactimo.

We love to see members of the Exactimo family thriving and to give them the support they need to access industry contacts, prepare for high-pressure interviews, nail their applications, and identify career trajectories that they didn’t even know existed.

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“I really enjoyed working as a Virtuoso and learned so much about the Digital Tech Industry. One area that I particularly enjoyed was learning about Linkedin posts and marketing, and utilising the analytics.”

— Sara


  • Who are we looking for?
    We’re always looking for smart and switched-on individuals to join the ranks and offer fresh perspectives to our digital education enterprise. Applicants can be at any stage of their university studies and from anywhere on the globe. We care more about your passion, enthusiasm and willingness to learn than the number of years you’ve been studying or where in the world you’re based. The role is fully remote and typically requires a time commitment of two hours per week.
  • How can I get involved?
    We currently don’t have any open positions for our Virtuoso Programme. Please check back on this page to stay in the loop with our hiring windows.

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